Starting with drawing as a child, which later became simple costume making from construction paper, and a number of other early efforts out of white glue and the contents of a steadily supplied ‘Craft Box’- Eventually becoming an advanced knowledge of many disciplines as they pertain to costume making; Briana’s history of creative endeavors is broad and populated with all manner of dinosaurs, creatures, animals and monsters.

Getting involved with Live action roleplay (LARP) and various costume related conventions at the start of college gave rise to a new focus on creating that lead to practical application of costumes and masks in immersive theater and living-world type environments. This focus resulted in the development of new technology in mask making meant to create high realism while remaining user friendly. Essentially, her creations provide the wearers with greater creative real-estate to work with in portraying a variety of non-human creatures while removing the need for advanced understanding and skill in makeup to achieve quality results- not to mention saving time! These qualities have proved popular to many different kinds of larpers, performers, convention-goers and media makers world-wide. Always concerned with the next development, Briana spends most of her time tweaking and altering her process to produce the next incarnation of her masks and other costume accessories to further enhance the experience of wearing them and interacting with the world (ours and imaginary ones) through them.

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