Please feel free to contact me with questions you may have but please read this page and the catalog first.
Commission Status: CURRENTLY CLOSED- Next opening will be some time early 2024
How to Order:
1 ) Please review my catalog. Estimate pricing, Terms of Service and Frequently asked Questions  sections are in there along with most of the usual items that I make. If you don't see something you are looking for, go ahead and email me to ask.

2 ) Wait for me to open for a batch of projects and send me your completed order form (Its in the Catalog)

3 )  Let me go though my pile of emails to make my selections. I do not take projects on a first come first serve basis but will get back to everyone one way or another. Note: My openings are not very long- generally less than 24 hours before I close to go through emails, its fine if you set up a scheduled email to make sure yours gets in. 

4 ) If selected, go through consultation with me to make sure I have all the details right about your project and we'll arrive at your final project cost
5 ) Place deposit, confirm that you'll send me your tracings or dummies or whatever else physical I will need for your project and we're done for the moment!

When all my bookings are complete Ill put together a roster of what following months will contain what projects and let everyone know which month their stuff has been slotted into. 

You will receive a notification when your project is started. When complete, your remaining balance will be due once you receive finished photos and approve them.

My production span (X-month to X-month) are always announced at openings so you know the longest amount you will wait- which will never be more than six months and usually around four. 
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